Simple & useful addition to your search engine marketing toolkit

SemSim is a free extension that makes previewing custom Google search results faster, easier, and more convenient for marketers. 🥇

Yes, this extension is available for free in the Google Chrome Web Store. Get it free for Google Chrome or Brave Browser.

SemSim (short for Search Engine Marketing Simulator) helps to search on Google as if the user was located in a different country.

The purpose of this tool is to help people make previewing custom Google searches easier.

The accuracy of the shown Google Search results can vary and the tool is not always working perfectly yet. In most of the cases, SemSim’s accuracy is pretty sufficient for getting a better understanding of how the results may look.

By combining SemSim and a VPN tool, the accuracy of the simulated search results will be closer to 100% accuracy.

Yes, SemSim is safe to use. We do not track any users of this extension.

Well, you can find this information on Google’s website 🙂

Yes, you can find the information on how to get in touch with us via the Contact page.

Yes, there are some.

The OG tool that does similar Google search simulation is I Search From, but using SemSim is more convenient and quicker, especially in cases while you’re already working with another platform. There’s no need to open a new website, just start the SemSim extension in your browser.

Yes, we will soon develop this extension for Mozilla Firefox and other browsers, too.