Quickest way to simulate
search engine results

Simple & useful tool for search engine marketers that makes simulating Google search results easy 😉

SemSim helps you

Easy to use

Simulate & preview custom search results straight from your browser. No need to open a new tab, you can open SemSim ⚡️ fast!

Highly Customizable

Perform a custom Google search from a different 🌎 location or device, with selected language settings.

Quick preview

Increase the accuracy of Google search results, even when you are already using an additional 🔐 VPN.

Browser extension for previewing custom Google search results.
Search engine marketing agencies are already using SemSim in their daily work.
On average, time saved by using SemSim instead of opening a new bookmark.
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Industry practicioners are using SemSim

Ryan Novak

Analytics Specialist

I love how fast and simple this extension is. Works perfectly when I use it together with a VPN.

Travis Miles

Account Manager

Glad to finally see a handy plugin for this job. Makes it a few clicks easier to preview a new search.